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Pirates swarm at Bedford Drive!

On 25th May 2010 retired headteachers and Forsight Appeal Committee members Mike Unwin and Val Maher visited Val’s old school, Bedford Drive Primary School, to lead an assembly introducing the Forsight Appeal to the children and staff…

Val and Mike, ably assisted by “Pirate Pete” (a pupil in school), told the children the perils of not looking after their eyes... 

As a child “Pirate Pete” had not done as his doctor and mum had said and worn the patch he had been given to help his weak eye get stronger. As a result his eye never learned to work properly - which is not very useful when a pirate relies heavily on his eyes for ship and treasure spotting! 

The children listened attentively to Pirate Pete’s sorry tale and were told about the wonderful EYESi Simulator that the doctors at Arrowe Park needed, and how much it was going to cost to buy – a whole treasure chest filled with £150,000!

Also during the assembly, the children played an electronic version of Kim’s game (when you try to remember objects on a tray and then look away before looking back and trying to remember which item has been removed). They then played the game in their classrooms and again when they got home, telling their families all about the Forsight Appeal. 

Two weeks later, Mike and Val returned to the school to join the children for a special non-uniform Pirate’s Day to raise funds for Forsight.

The Mayor of Wirral, Councillor Alan Jennings and his wife Cath also kindly agreed to visit the fun day (Forsight is one of the Mayor’s chosen charities for 2010-2011). 

The children and staff made a wonderful effort – and on the morning of the day all roads leading to the school were thronged with little pirates led by their parents, all gathering together to help raise money to save sight in Wirral…

Imagine the children’s reaction when The Mayor - who has been a wonderful sport - entered into the spirit of the day and wore his own pirate hat and patch!

The children sang two pirate songs and the Mayor gave out the prizes for colouring and pirate’s treasure box competitions. 

The children and staff of Bedford Drive School school raised a fantastic £200 for Forsight and were presented with a certificate of thanks for their efforts.

Huge thanks to everyone at Bedford Drive for such enthusiastic commitment to helping the Eye Team at Arrowe Park Hospital.