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Arrowe Park Hospital’s charity for eyesight (known locally as APACHE) has been raising money for the hospital’s eye department since 1994, helping ensure that patients in Wirral received the best available care. Now the charity has launched a major new appeal - the Forsight Appeal - to raise money for a new generation of hi-tech equipment which will transform the work of the department.

Frank and Lilian Hall.
Frank and Lilian Hall

Until recently, the charity’s stalwarts were retired couple Frank and Lilian Hall, who together raised tens of thousands of pounds by building, decorating and furnishing dolls houses and raffling them around the region.

The money they raised was used to buy, among other things, a state-of-the-art retinal scanner, which in turn has meant that Wirral sufferers of Wet AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration, a leading cause of sight loss in older people), have been able to be treated with the new miracle drug, Lucentis.

Thanks largely to Frank and Lilian’s efforts, over 500 eyes are currently having their sight preserved in this way by the department staff.

When age and ill-health forced the pair reluctantly to step aside from active fundraising, a surprise thank you party was held for them at the Hospital by all the eye consultants, clinic staff and many of the patients.

The Forsight Appeal

The charity now has a new team in place to continue the fundraising. The team - all volunteers - includes current patients of the department, local well-wishers and local businesses. Having revolutionised the treatment of Wet AMD in Wirral, the charity has turned its attention to raising funds for equipment which will revolutionise the training of the next generation of eye surgeons in the region, and improve the diagnosis of eye problems in the very young.

To do this, and working closely with the team of doctors and clinic staff at Arrowe Park Hospital, the charity has launched its Forsight Appeal which aims to raise as much as possible to support the work of Wirral Eye Department… as well as colleagues from across the region.

Eye problems are often associated with increasing age and Wirral has the third largest elderly population in England. Our eye department will never be idle.

Losing your sight is a catastrophe. Our wonderful eye team needs - and deserves – our wholehearted support to continue increasing the number of people whose sight can be saved in Wirral.